Dr Devon Mothersille exploits ‘Zoom’ to deliver instructional seminar – April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the geotechnical engineering industry worldwide, and the business activities conducted by SBMA Ltd, Geoserve Global Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd have not escaped this.  The key for all concerned is to remain positive, flexible and willing to adapt to alternative approaches to deliver consultancy services effectively.

This approach was applied recently when Dr Devon Mothersille delivered a presentation and demonstration of the AnchorTest software package. AnchorTest is a unique product designed to provide real-time analysis and Cloud-based data management, during the mandatory testing of grouted anchors installed in soil, rock or fill.  

The software has proved effective in optimizing the process of anchor testing, and it is currently programmed to execute data analysis following BS8081:1989 (still used in many regions around the world),  PTI DC35.1-14 and EN ISO 22477-5: 2018 (Test Method 1). Also, special custom development arrangements to create bespoke modules for specific project specifications are available. The product has been implemented successfully on anchor projects in several countries, including Australia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, the US and the United Arab Emirates.

The original inquiry came from a ground engineering contractor based in South America following an excellent short course presented in Bolivia by AnchorTest representative Dr Antonio Marinucci.  Based on this, arrangements were made for Dr Mothersille to describe, and demonstrate, the product using the ‘Zoom’ video conferencing facility. Based at his office in the UK, Dr Mothersille was able to successfully communicate with attendees from five different locations in Chile and one from New York. The AnchorTest software, which uses an iPad and the iOS platform, was connected to a laptop and real-time data input, using actual load-extension anchor data, was successfully demonstrated, including full Cloud functionality.

The response from those who attended the session was very positive, and this has established a practical approach for future marketing endeavours.

Dr Mothersille conducts a demonstration of AnchorTest to parties based in Chile and the US from his office in the UK