SBMA Ltd secures anchor contract for the Qatar Petroleum Multi-Storey Car Park construction, Doha, Qatar – April 2020

In collaboration with foundation contractors Bauer (Qatar) and Bauer (Abu Dhabi), SBMA Ltd was engaged to design and supply the ground anchors that form an integral part of the excavation support system for the Qatar Petroleum Multi-Storey Car Park in Doha, Qatar. Construction of the 14m deep excavation will be in ground described as highly weathered Simsima Limestone. SBMA Ltd has developed a substantial amount of anchoring experience in this type of rock, having worked in the region on significant foundation projects before. 

The unusual feature of this project is that the specification stipulates that the anchors are to be removable with a design service life of 10 years. Essentially, this classifies the anchors as permanent-removable anchors. SBMA Ltd’s innovative anchor design followed BS8081: 2015+A2: 2018, the British Standards Institution Code of Practice for Grouted Anchors. This code of practice included the recommendation for double corrosion protection and was  approved by the client’s engineers at Qatar Petroleum.

SBMA Ltd was required to supply the anchor tendons and associated accessories in addition to designing the anchors. SBMA Ltd’s certified tendon manufacturer, DeCa Srl (based in Genoa, Italy) satisfied all the pre-qualification requirements and were subsequently commissioned to manufacture and supply the tendons, anchor heads and accessories, including special galvanized protective caps. SBMA Ltd wishes to take this opportunity to thank DeCa Srl for their resolve in delivering an excellent service despite the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortuitously SBMA Ltd has trained and supervised engineers at Bauer (Abu Dhabi), so even though the UK is currently subject to travel restrictions; supervision of the works in Qatar will be by engineers from Abu Dhabi. When required, SBMA Ltd will provide specialist input via live stream on mobile phones and attend meetings using Teams or Zoom.