Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the 40th International Grouting Fundamentals Course – Austin, Texas – March 2019

The 40th International Grouting Fundamentals course was held at the Engineering Education and Research Centre at the University of Texas. Dr Mothersille shared the stage with established grouting experts including the world-renowned Mr Jim Warner who is still actively lecturing at 87 years old! In addition, to covering the theory and application of grouted anchor systems in soils and weak rocks, Dr Mothersille also presented the key features of AnchorTest, the innovative real-time data management software that has massively optimised the mandatory anchor testing process.

Special thanks are due to Dr Donald Bruce who donated 10 minutes of this own talk time to allow Dr Mothersille to deliver a more effective presentation with a substantial case study.


Dr Mothersille finds a quiet moment to set things up before the audience arrived in the lecture hall


Dr Donald Bruce describes small hole drill methods and techniques


Mr Jim Warner addresses the audience and is still going strong at 87 years old!