Eurocode 7 task group enjoy a productive meeting in Brussels – Feb/Mar 2019

As the UK representative on committee TC 250/WG3/TG5: Anchors, Dr Devon Mothersille attended a two day meeting with nine other European colleagues in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by Convener Mr Noel Huybrechts at the headquarters of Belgian Building Research Institute.

The clauses related to anchor design within Eurocode 7 (EC7)  are currently undergoing the obligatory 5 year review. Even at this relatively early stage in the process special congratulations should be given to the efforts of EC7-3, Project Team 5 member, Mr Klaus Dietz, for his analysis and descriptions of the various approaches to anchored structure design adopted across Europe.

The meeting was both intense and demanding but resulted in positive consensus on a number of issues and this should serve to create an improved document.


TG5 Convenor Mr Noel Huybrechts describes crucial dimensions within the fixed anchor location and how they are defined within EC7-3


From left to right: Ms Alexandra Ene (Romania), Mr Adriaan Van Seters (Netherlands), Mr Klaus Dietz (Germany) and Mr Arne Schram Simonsen (Norway)