Collaboration to be established with Coffey Geotechnics – Feb 2019

In a bid to increase and improve their presence within the industry, both Dr Devon Mothersille and Coffey Geotechnics have initiated meetings that will develop firm links and strong future collaboration on geotechnical engineering projects worldwide. Where appropriate, as Managing Director of specialist ground anchor consultancies Geoserve Global Ltd, SBMA Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd, Dr Mothersille will join forces with Coffey Geotechnics in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. It is envisaged that this will involve collaboration on expert witness appointments as well as projects requiring geotechnical design and evaluation. In this regard very useful discussions were held with Coffey Principal Geotechnical Engineers Jane Belton and Erica Wilcox who will play important roles in future liaison

Senior Coffey Associates Dr Caesar Merrifield and Mr Eugene Gallagher were instrumental in arranging a special Master Class in grouted anchor technology which was delivered by Dr Mothersille at Coffey’s UK headquarters in Manchester. The audience, which comprised geologists, geotechnical engineers and members from Coffey’s senior management were exposed to extensive information on the current state-of-the-art, and this included descriptions on the status of standards and codes affecting UK practice as well as landmark case studies and strategies for maintenance and inspections of grouted anchor in service.

Enjoy some images from the event


Dr Mothersille describes the effective use of innovative AnchorTest software for real-time data analysis during anchor testing


Dr Mothersille describes the use of a soft-pack or bond length isolator during the fabrication of high capacity test anchors at Hazelmere Dam, South Africa


Dr Mothersille describes the use of hydraulically synchronized stressing jacks for five unit single bore multiple anchors installed to support retaining structures along the M11, Stansted, UK