Detailed canal wall integrity inspections completed at Neptune Wharf, London – March 2019

Building contractor Hill Partnerships Ltd have engaged the services of Dr Devon Mothersille (through his company Geoserve Global Ltd) to undertake a detailed integrity inspection and assessment of a canal wall near the Olympic Park in East London. The canal wall comprises sections of cantilevered sheet pile wall, anchored sheet pile wall (using deadman anchors) and a brick/masonry section; all of which have suffered various degrees of degradation. The complexity of the work has necessitated that Geoserve Global Ltd engage corrosion specialists Intertek (based in Manchester), structural engineers David Smith Associates (based in Northampton), geotechnical design engineers Remedy Geotechnics (based in Daventry) and canal boat specialists Safety Boats UK (based in Hertfordshire).

Hill Partnerships Ltd are constructing Phase 3 of the prestigious Fish Island residential development and the canal wall forms an important part of the project infrastructure. It is anticipated that the integrity assessment report will completed early May 2019 and Phase 3 of the residential development completed in 2021.


Overview showing brick/masonry and anchored sections of the canal wall at Neptune Wharf


Geoff Coates (Intertek) carries out ultra-sonic tests to determine sheet pile wall thickness


Devon Mothersille examines tie-bar heads under the guidance of boat skipper Guy Trees (Safety Boats UK)