Dr Mothersille presents at the International DFI conference in Rome – June 2018

On behalf of specialist ground engineering contractor Kasktas, A.S (Turkey), Dr Devon Mothersille presented a technical paper entitled:

DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND PERFORMANCE OF SINGLE BORE MULTIPLE ANCHORED DIAPHGRAM WALL IN IZMIR, TURKEY’ at the DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement Urbanization and Infrastructure Development – Future Challenges. This conference was held in the beautiful city of Rome between 5-8thJune 2018.

The technical paper was co-authored by Dr Rasin Duzceer (General Manager, Kasktas, A.S), Mr Alp Gokalp (Deputy General Manager, Kasktas, A.S) and Mr Senol Adatape (Senior Design Manager, Kasktas, A.S) and documented the successful construction of some 2400 SBMAs, with working loads up to 670kN for excavation support as part of the prestigious Mahall Bomonti Development in Izmir, Turkey. The SBMAs achieved the highest test loads of any anchor system installed in the region and has paved the way for many more substantial projects in the future.

In addition excellent preliminary discussions were held between Dr Mothersille, Dr Rasin Duzceer, Mr Rajeev Narayan Dwivedi (Director, Chennai Metro Rail Limited, India) and Mr Mohan Ramanathan (Managing Director, Advanced Construction Technologies, India) re the use of SBMA technology in India.

Dr Mothersille presents technical data on the use of finite element modelling for the prediction of deformations on the anchored diaphragm wall at Mahall Bomonti










Dr Devon Mothersille and Dr Rasin Duzceer stand outside the conference venue on the steps of Sapienza University in Rome










Right to left: Mr Mohan Ramanathan, Dr Devon Mothersille, Dr Rasin Duzceer and Mr Rajeev Narayan Dwivedi stand outside the conference venue on the steps of Sapienza University in Rome

Enjoy some images from Rome ……

The Collosium

The Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon – the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome

The Vatican


Dr Mothersille visits business associates in Turkey: Anchor works for the Mahall Bomonti development in Izmir, Turkey complete – March 2018

Specialist foundation contractor Kasktas AS has successfully implemented SBMA technology on three deep excavations that will form an essential part of the prestigious Mahall Bomonti development in Izmir, Turkey. In total some 1900No. SBMAs were constructed in problematic alluvial soils and under a high water table. When complete the superstructure will be 245m high and will be the tallest building in Izmir and the third tallest in Turkey.

The successful execution of this project maintains the high standards produced by Kasktas AS throughout their association with SBMA Ltd and this will prove highly beneficial to clients within the region for future projects.

Details of the performance of the anchored structures are featured in a technical paper that has been accepted and will be presented at the DFI conference in Rome (June 2018).


Figure 1: From left to right Mr Metin Akkaya (Project Manager, Kasktas), Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr Gökhan Makas (Safety Officer, Kasktas) stand on the periphery of the 80cm thick anchored diaphragm wall at excavation site A (support via approx 1100 SBMAs)


Figure 2: Excavation site B showing placement of foundation slab reinforcement (support via approx 600 SBMAs)


Figure 3: Excavation site C showing combination of struts and anchors (support via approx 200 SBMAs)


Figure 4: Current view of the spectacular slope stability works undertaken by Kasktas AS using high capacity SBMAs for the STAR Oil Refinery in Aliağa, Izmir, Turkey – project completed 2015



Figure 5: Turkey’s Mount Rushmore! The impressive sculpture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founding father of modern Turkey






Important visit to Corniche Towers’ construction site in Abu Dhabi – February/March 2018

Further to the successful publication of an article featuring the use of the innovative AnchorTest software on the Corniche Towers project in the Sept/Oct 2017 edition of Deep Foundation Institue magazine, Dr Devon Mothersille visited the site in Abu Dhabi.

Prior to the site visit a very positive meeting was held at Bauer International FZE’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi to discuss future collaboration, market opportunities and research and development between the companies in the UAE and surrounding regions.


Bauer International FZE (UAE) senior management team:

From left to right: Mr Farid Mansour (Technical Director, Bauer), Mr Marco Vogel (Regional Director, Bauer), Dr Devon Mothersille (MD, SBMA Ltd) and Mr Bora Okumusoglu (Design Manager, Bauer)


View of the Corniche Towers showing the removable anchors supporting a diaphragm wall and struts supporting an area that could not be anchored due to the presence of piles supporting an adjacent Mosque



Key members of the Corniche Towers site team from left to right:

Mr Balaji Thamatam (Geotechnical Design Engineer, Bauer), Mr Mohammad Saeed (Project Manager), Dr Devon Mothersille, Mr Sven Zitza (Superintendent for anchoring works, Bauer) and Mr Marinder Singh (Project Manager, Bauer)


Dr Mothersille and Mr Bora Okumusoglu (Design Manager, Bauer) visit the world famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi


The spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi during sunset









Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the international grouting workshop in Austin, Texas – February 2018

Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the international grouting workshop in Austin, Texas

The international short grouting course was held at the Engineering Education and Research Centre at the University of Texas this year. The course was attended by engineers from Albania, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dr Mothersille shared the stage with established grouting experts and delivered his annual lecture on high capacity anchors in soils and weak rocks. This year the lecture involved engaging the audience in an interactive exercise aimed at illustrating the concept of progressive debonding on an elastic tendon bonded to the ground by grout. In addition, Dr Mothersille presented the key features of AnchorTest, the innovative real-time data management software that has massively optimised the mandatory anchor testing process.

Special thanks are due to Dr Antonio Marinucci (US representative for SBMA technology and  AnchorTest software) who flew down to Austin from New York to attend meetings with Dr Devon Mothersille and Dr Donald Bruce.


Dr Devon Mothersille addresses the audience at the University of Texas


Dr Mothersille and Dr Marinucci visit the magnificent Texas Capitol building in Austin 


From 37°C in Durban to 2° C in Berlin – Nov 2017

As Chairman of the Pan-European committee TC 182/WG3, Dr Devon Mothersille travelled from the 37° C heat of Durban, South Africa to Berlin, Germany where temperatures plummeted to 2° C. Over a period of two hard working days Dr Mothersille chaired a crucial meeting attended by 11 European colleagues represented by France, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK and Austria. The objective was to complete the final evaluation of comments received on the new International Standards Organization document ISO/DIS 22477-5 (Testing of Grouted Anchors). This pivotal document will set out the procedures and test methods which govern the testing of grouted anchors. The meeting was highly productive and Dr Mothersille wishes to take this opportunity to thank his colleagues for their valued contribution throughout the execution of the drafting process.

The document is now in its final stages and anticipated publication will be in June 2018.


Dr Devon Mothersille (Centre) chairs the TC 182/WG3 committee meeting on ISO/DIS 22477-5









Members of the team enjoy a well-earned meal at a local restaurant after a highly productive session





GGL associate SBMA Ltd partner with Freyssinet Total Technology (Indonesia) – Nov 2017

Freyssinet Total Technology (FTT) have signed a licence agreement with SBMA Ltd to exploit SBMA technology in the region. This is an exciting development and work is currently underway on designs for the support of deep basement structures in soils. Dr Devon Mothersille is liaising with FTT and will be arranging to visit project sites and deliver training seminars to operatives and Engineers within the FTT organisation.

Drone used to capture dramatic photos at Hazelmere dam – Nov2017

The use of drones are becoming commonplace in engineering practice and Dr Devon Mothersille has exploited this technology to  assist with the inspection of anchored structures where access is challenging.

PKW (1)








PKW (2)








Aerial view of the world’s highest Piano Key Weir at Hazelmere dam, South Africa

Tendon fabrication








Aerial view of the tendon fabrication yard – Hazelmere dam

Spillway and NOC








Aerial view of the spillway with the right and left flanks of the non-overspill crest – Hazelmere dam


Senior executives from Ingerop France visit the Hazelmere Dam project – October 2017

Mr Yves Metz and Mr Christophe Blanc (Senior Executives from Ingerop France) visited the Hazelmere dam site in South Africa. Mr Duane Booyse (Resident Engineer on the dam project) and Dr Devon Mothersille (Specialist Anchor Consultant) delivered presentations to representatives from Ingerop France and Ingerop South Africa (ISA) which updated the visitors on the status of the dam construction with particular reference to the Piano Key Weir and the ultra-high capacity rock anchors. It is noteworthy that Dr Mothersille also pioneered the use of a drone to observe the progress of the dam construction and this video footage was also presented to the riveted audience.

After completing a detailed tour of the dam site the delegation enjoyed a meal at the famous south african golfer, Ernie Els’s restaurant (The Big Easy) at the Hilton Hotel in Durban.

Based on the discussions there is no doubt that the ties between Dr Mothersille and the Ingerop Group have strengthened and this collaboration will prevail on major infrastructure development projects in the future.


Dr Devon Mothersille enjoys a meal with the Ingerop team.

From left to right: Mrs Helena  Koutras (Administration, ISA); Mr Adam Botha (ex- Technical Director, ISA and current APP for Hazelmere dam) ; Mr Christophe Blanc (International Director, Ingerop France); Mr Duane Booyse (Technical Director, ISA); Mr Shakendra Bhagwandin (Regional Manager, ISA), Dr Devon Mothersille (Managing Director, Geoserve Global Ltd, SBMA Ltd & AnchorTest Ltd),  Mr Neel Daya  (CEO, ISA), Mr Yves Metz (CEO, Ingerop France) and Mr Ashirayi Makosienyi (Finance Manager, ISA)


Stressing, cutting and capping progresses at Hazelmere dam – Sept 2017

Challenging ground conditions have necessitated the extensive waterproofing of anchor boreholes and this has resulted in delays to the overall construction programme at Hazelmere dam. Despite this, progress is being made, and at the time of writing all 83 anchor boreholes have been drilled and 40 of the scheduled 83 anchors have been stressed, tested and locked-off.


AnchorTest used to assess anchor load/extension data in real-time during the testing of an anchor located in the spillway of the dam


Injection of corrosion inhibiting compound beneath the stressing head of an 80 strand spillway anchor.

AnchorTest article published in America’s Deep Foundations Magazine – Sept 2017

Deep Foundations magazine published by DFI (Deep Foundations Institute) enjoys an extensive worldwide readership and has recently published a five-page article featuring AnchorTest. The article includes the latest case history updates from around the globe where AnchorTest has been used for real-time testing and data management on challenging ground anchor projects. The September/October 2017 issue featuring AnchorTest can be viewed at http://dfi.dcatalog.com/v/September-October 2017/#page=65.