Dr Mothersille visits the headquarters of Glötzl in Rheinstetten, Germany – June 2022

SBMA Ltd’s associate Geoserve Global Ltd was engaged by Ingerop South Africa to provide an objective assessment of the progress made by Glötzl GmbH in relation to the manufacture of rock anchor load cells for the Hazelmere dam project. The proposed load cell technology will deliver the largest hydraulic electronic pressure transducer annular load cells ever installed on anchors, with capacities ranging from 10,000 kN to 20,000 kN.

To expedite this assessment GGL’s representative, Dr Devon Mothersille visited the headquarters of Glötzl in Rheinstetten , Germany on 1st June 2022. Dr Mothersille was joined by Mr Veron Birbal (Veepro Industrial & Engineering, South Africa) and Mr Jean-Louis Rouvet (Giacintec, France), Mr Jean-Marc Basset (Glötzl, France) and the host Mr Joachim Schneider- Glötzl (CEO, Glötzl, GmbH).

Jean-Louis Rouvet, Devon Mothersille and Veron Birbal travel by train from Stuttgart to Rheinstetten
Glötzl headquarters in Rheinstetten, Germany
Annular load cells; 10No. distribution plates in the foreground and 4No. cells in the background
From left to right: Jean-Marc Basset, Devon Mothersille, Joachim Schneider Jean-Louis Rouvet, and Veron Birbal