Stressing anchors on the spillway – September 2022

Logistical constraints and the weight of stressing equipment presented challenges when stressing 80No. stranded anchors located in the spillway location at Hazelmere dam. The temporary access bridge, used in the first phase of anchor stressing (2016-2017) was not used by the contractor. Instead, a 440-tonne capacity crane and specially fabricated steel gantry were used to place the 10-tonne stressing jack and ancillary equipment.

View from the stilling basin, looking upstream, during an anchor stressing operation in the PKW

Dr Mothersille monitors load-extension data from a spillway anchor during the stressing/testing operation. Note the use of the specially fabricated steel gantry to facilitate the placement of the stressing jack and ancillary equipment.
AnchorTest software was used throughout to provide an assessment of anchor behaviour in real-time