South African student spends a memorable day at Hazelmere dam – October 2022

Through a successful work experience initiative, consulting engineers Ingerop South Africa collaborates with schools to give students, aspiring to be civil engineers, an opportunity to experience an active job site. In October 2022 local student Lizwi Gumede spent a day with the site team at Hazelmere dam. During an activity-packed day, Lizwi was exposed to the basic functioning of the dam and taken on a tour through the galleries and along the non-overspill crest. In addition, the specific elements like the rock anchors, load monitoring system and other civil engineering works (e.g. piano key weir construction, access roads and ancillary earthworks were explained and viewed where possible. At the end of his visit, Lizwi had a full appreciation of the unique and innovative aspects of this special project.

From left to right:
Mr Karabo Kgaphole, Lizwi Gumpede and Dr Devon Mothersille