Dr Devon Mothersille carries out visual inspection on temporary anchors at the Corniche Towers Development site in Abu Dhabi – Dec 2019

The Corniche Towers development site comprises a foundation structure with some 406No. piles and an excavation supported by a six sided diaphragm wall comprising 65No. panels and extending to 17.75m at its deepest point. A section of the excavation is supported by 59No. anchored secant piles due to the close proximity of an adjacent existing structure and the difficulties involved in attempting to construct a diaphragm wall at this location. The excavation support system incorporates 1.067m and 1.220m diameter tubular struts at one end but generally relies on 627No. temporary ground anchors throughout, extending to up to three levels.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the design service life of the anchors had to be extended  beyond the anticipated 2 years and this necessitated an inspection programme to investigate their current condition. Dr Mothersille was engaged by the Bauer International FZE to undertake the initial visual inspection and preliminary assessment.

Overview of the Corniche Towers Development site

Dr Mothersille presents interim findings to key representatives. From left to right: Muhammed Shahza (Foundation Property Management), Zubair Siddiqui (Foundation Property Management), Dr Devon Mothersille (Geoserve Global Ltd), Mr Vikram Thakur (Archgroup), Mr Farid Mansour (Bauer International FZE)