Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the 40th Annual short course: Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice – Sept 19

The annual short course on grouting fundamentals and current practice was conceived some 40 years ago. After considerable efforts on the part of the organizers and close collaboration with the main sponsors Ernst & Sohn, the short course was held for the first time in Europe. The venue was the Bundeswehr University Munich and comprised three and half days of lectures and an outstanding half-day field session where various specialist contractors demonstrated their expertise in areas such as chemical grouting, grouted anchor load monitoring, sonic drilling, and the use of microfine cement grouts.   Enjoy some photographs from the event.

Dr Mothersille delivers his presentation at the short course
Practical demonstration of the ability of chemical grouts to permeate sands
Demonstrating the load extension characteristic of a grouted anchor
Full scale demonstration of sonic drilling through overburden to recover samples and in underlying stratum
Use of acrylic resin as a corrosion inhibitor for steel components
Overview of field demonstration site
Speakers dinner held at the Augustiner-Keller restaurant near MarienPlatz, Munich