Dr Mothersille attends the Eurocode 7 anchor design meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany – Oct 2019

In his capacity as Lead GB Anchors Expert, Dr Mothersille attended the CEN TC250/SC7 WG3 TG5: ANCHORS meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany. In total 11 European representatives attended the meeting from eight countries; UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Germany , Ireland and Denmark.

During long and intensive sessions the group successfully managed to address the outstanding comments on the 3rd draft of the design standard that were not covered during a similar meeting held in Brussels in September. In addition, clauses from the standard were amended as they were discussed which amounted to a very productive session for all concerned. The revised draft is scheduled for submission at the end of October 2019

CEN TC 250/SC7/Task Group 5 from left to right. Ole Muller (Denmark), Eric Farell (Ireland), Noel Huybrechts (Belgium), Devon Mothersille (UK), Klaus Dietz (Germany), Eva Dornecker (Germany), Ira Gutjahr (France), Barton Admiraal (Netherlands), John-Paul Volcke (France). Alexandra Ene (Romania) also attended the meeting but was not present when the photograph was taken.