Landmark deal achieved between SBMA Ltd and Chilean foundation contractor – April 2019

CONSTRUCTORA LANCUYEN LTDA is a ground engineering contractor based in Chile. As part of an ongoing strategy Lancuyen have resolved to embrace new innovation and technologies in order to increase market share and allow them to undertake more challenging geotechnical engineering projects. Extensive liaison with Lancuyen’s Technical Manager Mr Rafael Martinez has culminated in agreement to implement SBMA technology within the region of Chile. SBMA Ltd’s Managing Director, Dr Devon Mothersille believes that this heralds an exciting era for both companies who share similar ambitions and vision. Preliminary SBMA tendon designs have already been completed for the substantial deep excavation support systems required for the Quilpué project in Chile.


Rafafel Martinez and Devon Mothersille seal the deal with a handshake


Devon Mothersille, José Quiroz and Rafafel Martinez discuss technical details on the Quilpué Project