Dr Mothersille presents at the International DFI conference in Rome – June 2018

On behalf of specialist ground engineering contractor Kasktas, A.S (Turkey), Dr Devon Mothersille presented a technical paper entitled:

DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND PERFORMANCE OF SINGLE BORE MULTIPLE ANCHORED DIAPHGRAM WALL IN IZMIR, TURKEY’ at the DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement Urbanization and Infrastructure Development – Future Challenges. This conference was held in the beautiful city of Rome between 5-8thJune 2018.

The technical paper was co-authored by Dr Rasin Duzceer (General Manager, Kasktas, A.S), Mr Alp Gokalp (Deputy General Manager, Kasktas, A.S) and Mr Senol Adatape (Senior Design Manager, Kasktas, A.S) and documented the successful construction of some 2400 SBMAs, with working loads up to 670kN for excavation support as part of the prestigious Mahall Bomonti Development in Izmir, Turkey. The SBMAs achieved the highest test loads of any anchor system installed in the region and has paved the way for many more substantial projects in the future.

In addition excellent preliminary discussions were held between Dr Mothersille, Dr Rasin Duzceer, Mr Rajeev Narayan Dwivedi (Director, Chennai Metro Rail Limited, India) and Mr Mohan Ramanathan (Managing Director, Advanced Construction Technologies, India) re the use of SBMA technology in India.

Dr Mothersille presents technical data on the use of finite element modelling for the prediction of deformations on the anchored diaphragm wall at Mahall Bomonti










Dr Devon Mothersille and Dr Rasin Duzceer stand outside the conference venue on the steps of Sapienza University in Rome










Right to left: Mr Mohan Ramanathan, Dr Devon Mothersille, Dr Rasin Duzceer and Mr Rajeev Narayan Dwivedi stand outside the conference venue on the steps of Sapienza University in Rome

Enjoy some images from Rome ……

The Collosium

The Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon – the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome

The Vatican