Dr Devon Mothersille visits tendon manufacturer DECA s.r.l in Geneo, Italy – May 2017

Dr Devon Mothersille attended technical meetings and visited SBMA’s certified anchor tendon manufacturer DECA s.r.l. in Geneo, Italy. Over the years DECA has provided a high quality, reliable and professional service in providing geotechnical hardware on SBMA projects worldwide.

They have now expanded their portfolio beyond the supply of removable SBMA tendons to tendons for permanent anchor systems and monobar systems for both anchors and soil nails.  Substantial technical improvements have been implemented which allow DECA to deliver their high quality products in relatively short timescales.

Further to successful technical meetings DECA have agreed to act as agents for sale of the new innovative AnchorTest software licence which was developed, and is supported, by AnchorTest Ltd.


Mr Gianni Carnabuci (CEO DECA s.r.l) and Dr Devon Mothersille discuss technical innovations at the DECA factory in Genoa, Italy


Dr Devon Mothersille questions Mr Gianni Carnabuci about the product range and manufacturing developments


Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr Gianni Carnabuci enjoy the scenery at Boccadasse in Genoa, Italy