Outstanding performance by specialist foundation contractor Kasktaş AS – December 2016

Kasktaş AS continue their outstanding work by successfully executing the first phase of SBMA installations as part of the foundation support works for the Ferko Line project in Istanbul. This project (featured at www.ferkoline.com) is an impressive commercial development that will cater for Turkey’s expanding business community. It boasts four blocks, comprising business centres, luxury hotel complex and covers a total construction area of 105,000 square metres. The SBMAs were designed following a series of investigation tests carried out in very soft clays and demonstrated unprecedented test capacities of up to 1500kN. Using the appropriate factors of safety this information was used to optimise the production anchor design.


Aerial view showing the Ferko Line foundation works in Istanbul


First row of SBMAs successfully installed to support the diaphragm wall for the Ferko Line development in Istanbul.