First rock anchor installation in the dam crest at Hazelmere dam – June 2016

The raising of Hazelmere dam continues with the stressing and testing of the first rock anchor in the crest of the dam. The test anchor, referred to as the dress rehearsal anchor by the parties to the contract, was subjected to on-site suitability testing in accordance with BS8081:1989, and will be incorporated into the production anchor works due to its successful execution and satisfactory performance. The anchor tendon comprised 61 strands and will soon be followed by tendon installations comprising 49 strands, 80 strands and 91 strands.


Construction of Piano Key Weir in the spillway at Hazelmere Dam


Trial test carried out using the 1000mm stroke 15000kN capacity stressing jack.  With respect to geometry, this is currently the largest stressing jack to be manufactured in Germany and weighs approximately 7.5 tonnes. A second stressing jack of 1000mm stroke, capacity 22000kN and weighing 9.5 tonnes will arguably be the largest stressing jack in the world, and this is currently being commissioned and will be delivered to site in October 2016.


Transporting the 61 strands anchor tendon to the installation location on the dam crest at Hazelmere dam.


Mr Adam Botha (the Approved Professional Person appointed by the Dam Safety Office) assists with checking the settlement of the stressing jack during stressing and testing of the test anchor.


Dr Devon Mothersille uses digital Vernier callipers to examine wedge grip marks on protruding strand prior to locking-off the anchor.