Eurocode 7 task group enjoy a productive meeting in Brussels – Feb/Mar 2019

As the UK representative on committee TC 250/WG3/TG5: Anchors, Dr Devon Mothersille attended a two day meeting with nine other European colleagues in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by Convener Mr Noel Huybrechts at the headquarters of Belgian Building Research Institute.

The clauses related to anchor design within Eurocode 7 (EC7)  are currently undergoing the obligatory 5 year review. Even at this relatively early stage in the process special congratulations should be given to the efforts of EC7-3, Project Team 5 member, Mr Klaus Dietz, for his analysis and descriptions of the various approaches to anchored structure design adopted across Europe.

The meeting was both intense and demanding but resulted in positive consensus on a number of issues and this should serve to create an improved document.


TG5 Convenor Mr Noel Huybrechts describes crucial dimensions within the fixed anchor location and how they are defined within EC7-3


From left to right: Ms Alexandra Ene (Romania), Mr Adriaan Van Seters (Netherlands), Mr Klaus Dietz (Germany) and Mr Arne Schram Simonsen (Norway)

Collaboration to be established with Coffey Geotechnics – Feb 2019

In a bid to increase and improve their presence within the industry, both Dr Devon Mothersille and Coffey Geotechnics have initiated meetings that will develop firm links and strong future collaboration on geotechnical engineering projects worldwide. Where appropriate, as Managing Director of specialist ground anchor consultancies Geoserve Global Ltd, SBMA Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd, Dr Mothersille will join forces with Coffey Geotechnics in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. It is envisaged that this will involve collaboration on expert witness appointments as well as projects requiring geotechnical design and evaluation. In this regard very useful discussions were held with Coffey Principal Geotechnical Engineers Jane Belton and Erica Wilcox who will play important roles in future liaison

Senior Coffey Associates Dr Caesar Merrifield and Mr Eugene Gallagher were instrumental in arranging a special Master Class in grouted anchor technology which was delivered by Dr Mothersille at Coffey’s UK headquarters in Manchester. The audience, which comprised geologists, geotechnical engineers and members from Coffey’s senior management were exposed to extensive information on the current state-of-the-art, and this included descriptions on the status of standards and codes affecting UK practice as well as landmark case studies and strategies for maintenance and inspections of grouted anchor in service.

Enjoy some images from the event


Dr Mothersille describes the effective use of innovative AnchorTest software for real-time data analysis during anchor testing


Dr Mothersille describes the use of a soft-pack or bond length isolator during the fabrication of high capacity test anchors at Hazelmere Dam, South Africa


Dr Mothersille describes the use of hydraulically synchronized stressing jacks for five unit single bore multiple anchors installed to support retaining structures along the M11, Stansted, UK

Dr Mothersille visits design consultants ARCADIS in Birmingham, UK – Jan 2019

Design consultants ARCADIS have secured significant amounts of geotechnical design work related to the HS2 project and as part of an ongoing initiative to improve the knowledge and awareness of their design team, they invited Dr Mothersille to deliver a lunchtime presentation on SBMA technology. ARCADIS anticipate that multistage anchor technology could prove useful on forthcoming HS2 contracts where large retaining structures are proposed in cohesive soils.

The presentation lasts approximately 1 hour and a short Q & A session was allowed for at the end. The feedback was very positive and certainly indicated that considerable benefits were derived for those engineers that attended.


Dr Mothersille addresses geotechnical design engineers at ARCADIS in Birmingham, UK

Dr Mothersille delivers anchor training seminar to consultants Dar Al-Handasah at their headquarters in Cairo, Egypt – December 2018

Following up on a special invitation Dr Mothersille visited the offices of world renowned civil engineering design consultants Dar Al-Handasah to deliver a ground anchor training seminar to key members of staff.  Dr Mothersille was greeted by Professor Sherif Wissa (Director – Geotechnical & Heavy Civil Engineering Dept., Dar) and Dr Salwa Yassin (Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Dar).

The selected and well-informed audience compromised Ph.D graduates, structural and geotechnical design engineers and project managers. The seminar was well received and prompted a proactive Q & A session afterwards. The success of the training seminar heralds the start of an ongoing relationship where Dr Mothersille’s specialist consultancy services will be exploited by Dar Al-Handasah in the future.









Dr Mothersille answers questions from Dar Al-Handasah staff after delivering the ground anchor training seminar












Dr Mothersille is thanked by Dr Salwa Yassin in the foyer of Dar Al-Handasah headquarters located in Cairo, Egypt


Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit Bauer in Cairo, Egypt – December 2018

Dr Mothersille, accompanied by his wife, visit the offices of contractor Bauer, Egypt S.A.E in Cairo.

At the headquarters of Bauer Dr Mothersille delivered a detailed presentation to Eng. Mohamed Mostafa (General Manager), Mr Ashraf Wahby (Executive Directory Member) and their team of Engineers. An enthusiastic Q & A session followed with associated discussions. This has set the platform for mutual corporation between SBMA Ltd and Bauer (Egypt) to implement various types of grouted anchor technology in the region.










Dr Mothersille shakes hands with Eng. Mohamed Mostafa and is joined by Mr Ashraf Wahby (wearing the dark suit) and their team of Engineers at the Bauer offices in Cairo













Dr Mothersille addresses the Bauer Engineers during the technical session









Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Khufu), which is approx. 139m high









Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit the famous mystical structure; The Sphinx

Dr Mothersille published Technical Note in Ground Engineering magazine – Dec 2018

Following on from his published interview in the September 2018 edition of Ground Engineering magazine, Dr Devon Mothersille has published a Technical Note covering the new testing standard  EN ISO 22477-5: 2018 with particular reference to UK practice.



It should be noted that Ground Engineering magazine have issued an apology for an error in the printing of the figures associated with this feature. The corrected version is available using the following link:


Dr Devon Mothersille attends technical meetings on Eurocode 7 in Naples, Italy – Nov 2018

As the UK representative on the task group advising on the revision of Eurocode 7 – Anchors (TC 250/SC7/WG3/TG5), Dr Mothersille attended a series of meetings held over a period of two days at Villa Doria d’Angri in Naples, Italy. This beautiful and historic setting provided the ideal environment for extensive and detailed discussions covering a wide range of issues related to the second generation of Eurocode 7.

The meetings were very well attended with over 100 delegates from countries all over Europe.

Based on his own area of expertise, Dr Mothersille attended general sessions on anchors, on both days, and also actively participated in specially convened additional sessions aimed at tackling comments submitted by task group members on the redraft of EC7 – clause 8 (Anchors).

Enjoy some images from Naples


View of Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii


Delegates enjoy the beautiful backdrop during a break between sessions at Villa Doria d’Angri


Stunning panoramic view from the meeting venue: Villa Doria d’Angri


Delegates enjoy a meal at restaurant La Bersagliera


Some members of Task Group 5 gather for special session to review comments on latest draft of EC7 -3 (clause 8, Anchors). From left to right; Ira Gutjahr, Anders Kullingsjo, Devon Mothersille, Eva Dornecker, Jean-Paul Volcke, Noel Huybrechts and Klaus Dietz

Dr Devon Mothersille attends second Project Steering Group meeting for CIRIA Report RP1061: ‘Grouted anchors and soil nails condition appraisal and remedial treatment’ – November 2018

Dr Mothersille is a member of the Project Steering Group tasked to guide and advise the technical authors of the new CIRIA report RP 1061 entitled ‘Grouted anchors and soil nails condition appraisal and remedial treatment’. At a meeting held at the headquarters of Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation in London, the group made substantial progress with the document, discussing report format, suitable case history content and numerous other technical issues.  The report should be published in 2019.


The PSG discuss technical issues associated with the forthcoming CIRIA report RP1061

Dr Devon Mothersille attends the Eurocode conference at the Institution of Structural Engineers headquarters in London – November 2018

As part of an ongoing initiative to improve knowledge and awareness of Eurocodes, British Standards Institution (BSI) organised a conference entitled ‘Eurocodes – Evolution and Ease of Use: How it will benefit you?’, hosted by the Institution of Structural Engineers at their headquarters in London. Dr Mothersille attended the event and benefited considerably from the information shared by a variety of speakers. These included the Chairman of Eurocode 7 Dr Andrew Bond who presented the latest improvements to Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design and BSI’s Director of Standards, Dr Scott Steedman who talked about Eurocodes and Brexit.


The Chairman of Eurocode 7 delivers his presentation to the audience at the Institution of Structural Engineers