Hazelmere dam – images to close out a productive year in 2022

Anchor access chamber showing
double protective cap enclosing corrosion inhibiting compound around a load cell and protruding anchor tendon strands.

Glotzl personnel join members of the Hazelmere dam site team for supper before commissioning the remote load monitoring system . From left to right; Mr Lehbrink Volker (Glotzl), Mr Karabo Kgaphole (Ingerop South Africa), Dr Devon Mothersille (Geoserve Global Ltd), Mr Veron Birbal (Veepro Industries) and Mr Wotschal Waldemar (Glotzl).
Master Electrician McNeil (Veepro) assists Wotschal (Glotzl) in
commissioning the multiplexer and data logger for the 10No. instrumented anchors at Hazelmere dam

The load cell cables are fed into the multiplexer and data logger which in turn are connected to a laptop and server to permit remote scrutiny of the data.

Dr Mothersille (Geoserve Global Ltd) and Mr Kieresh Singh (Group Five) discuss the real-time output from 10 No. strategically placed load cells

Dr Mothersille delivers a training seminar to the anchor  load monitoring system at Hazelmere dam

Key members of the Hazelmere dam site team, from left to right; Karabo Kgaphole (Resident Engineer, Devon Mothersille (Anchor Consultant) and Dinesh Ramsunder (Assistant Resident Engineer)

Hazelmere dam site team exchange PPE in favour of casual clothing ahead of Christmas dinner.
From left to right: Karabo Kgaphole, Devon Mothersille, Dinesh Ramsunder and Adam Botha.