Dr. Devon Mothersille presents to members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers – Jan 2021

Towards the end of 2020 the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), UK branch invited Dr Mothersille to deliver a presentation to its membership covering his area of expertise.  In January 2021, Dr. Mothersille gave a presentation entitled ‘An Introduction to Ground Anchor Technology’. The presentation’s objective was to provide the audience with an insight into ground (grouted) anchor technology, initially defining terms and exploring the concept and then showing a variety of applications by drawing on examples from a worldwide database. After briefly covering some basic implementation features, a case study was described that captured several world firsts concerning ground anchor usage. By the end of the session, there was no doubt attendees gained an improved fundamental understanding of how ground anchors are applied, designed, constructed and tested. The event was declared a resounding success by the President of the NSE, Dr. Sunday Popoola. The audience’s enthusiasm was proved by the fact that the Q & A session, convened afterwards, lasted longer than the 50-minute presentation itself!