Dr Mothersille attends BSI’s leadership in standards-making event online – July 2020

Once again, the wonders of modern technology have proven effective in allowing methods of working that would not have been feasible some years ago. Accompanied by his 26 years old son Reiss, Dr Mothersille travelled to the Elan Valley in Wales to visit the Craig Goch dam. However, the travel plans were such that they clashed with a leadership event hosted by the British Standards Institution.  Using the Zoom app on his mobile phone and the WiFi facilities at a service station on the M50 motorway, he was able to attend the two-hour event. The event featured four speakers covering the following:

  • Update on international and European standards development policy
  • Update on National standards development
  • Inclusivity – Committee Member survey results
  • Evolving role of BSI as the UK’s National Standards Body
  • Adapting the new ‘normal’ – benefits and challenges of the abrupt move to 100% remote or virtual standards development and the on-going business/economic impacts of lockdown on participation in standards development

Dr Mothersille remotely attends BSI’s Leadership in Standards-Making event