Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit Bauer in Cairo, Egypt – December 2018

Dr Mothersille, accompanied by his wife, visit the offices of contractor Bauer, Egypt S.A.E in Cairo.

At the headquarters of Bauer Dr Mothersille delivered a detailed presentation to Eng. Mohamed Mostafa (General Manager), Mr Ashraf Wahby (Executive Directory Member) and their team of Engineers. An enthusiastic Q & A session followed with associated discussions. This has set the platform for mutual corporation between SBMA Ltd and Bauer (Egypt) to implement various types of grouted anchor technology in the region.










Dr Mothersille shakes hands with Eng. Mohamed Mostafa and is joined by Mr Ashraf Wahby (wearing the dark suit) and their team of Engineers at the Bauer offices in Cairo













Dr Mothersille addresses the Bauer Engineers during the technical session









Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Khufu), which is approx. 139m high









Dr & Mrs Mothersille visit the famous mystical structure; The Sphinx