Dr Mothersille attends networking event at Donnington race track, UK – September 2018

Dr Devon Mothersille (Managing Director of SBMA Ltd and Geoserve Global Ltd) joined a number of other business leaders at a networking event at Donnington race track in Derby, UK. The museum at Donnington is world famous since it houses the largest private collection of Formula 1 racing cars in the world as well as a host of other memorabilia for car enthusiasts.    During an enjoyable day Dr Mothersille, accompanied by an instructor, drove a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ferrari California for several laps around the famous race track where Ayrton Senna holds the track record.


Dr Mothersille approaches the Lamborghini Gallardo


Dr Mothersille receives instruction before taking on the Lamborghini


Dr Mothersille receives instructions before putting the Ferrari through its paces


Dr Mothersille about to set off in the Ferrari California