Team BMW commissioned by CEATI to undertake complex anchor study – May 2017

A dream team comprising Dr Donald Bruce, Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr John Wolfhope (BMW) have been engaged by The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) to undertake a study of world dam anchor practice in a bid to produce a Best Practice Guidance for North American dams. CEATI based in Montreal, Canada are an influential body with a specific remit to improve technology that can facilitate further development and maintenance of dams which form an essential component in national energy enhancing infrastructure.

Dr Donald Bruce (Geosystems), Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr John Wolfhope (Freese & Nichols) recent met in Austin, Texas  to develop forward strategies for the effective delivery of the project. This successful meeting has confirmed that many months of hard work lie ahead but this will undoubtedly result in a landmark study that will tremendously benefit the dam anchor industry.


John Wolfhope, Donald Bruce and Devon Mothersille meet at Freese and Nichols offices in Austin, Texas